Type: Puppy pad

At Your Droolly we understand the deep bonds people share with their dogs. That’s why we are always creating new ways to enhance their limitless ability to love us.

Yours Droolly Training pads are a great way to toilet train your puppy or dog and contain any mess to one area. With a super absorbent core which rapidly absorbs urine, the pads keep the surface of the pad dry to the touch eliminating those wet paw prints in your home. Designed with 5 interlocking protective layers, the dual locking and protector layers trap liquid ensuring your floors remain hygienic, fresh and urine free. They're also perfect for senior dogs, travelling in crates, whelping and indoor dogs left unattended inside.

  • Odour-controlling for a fresher smelling home
  • Super absorbent – can absorb up to 5.4 cups of urine
  • 5-layer pad that traps the liquid inside so pad remains almost touch dry
  • Positioning tabs that lock pads in position on your floor
  • Can be used for dogs of all life stages

Suitable for dogs of all ages.

Directions for use

  1. Place training pad, pattern side up, where you wish for your dog to “toilet”, on floor away from food or dog’s bedding
  2. Using the positioning tabs (pattern side up), press strips firmly to attach pad to floor
  3. Once soiled, remove and replace with a new training pad.

Effective Toilet Training

  1. Place your pet on the pad a few times to get them acquainted with it
  2. After meal times, take pet to the training pad and use an instruction (wee time / be quick) to encourage them to go.
  3. Always praise your dog for doing the right thing. Never punish your dog if you find a mess off the pad. Bring them back to the pad immediately to reinforce that this is the place to go.
  4. Once your pet has learnt to use the pad and you want your pet to go outside, gradually move replacement pads closer and closer to an outside door. Eventually place the pad outside to complete the training process.
  5. Routine, consistency and patience all help to toilet train dogs.

Tips for Effective Toilet Training
Be Consistent: Choose one command such as “toilet” or “be quick” and use this every time your dog is on the Training Pad.
Be One Step Ahead: Take your dog to their Training Pad after every meal, sleep and play. Look for signs such as circling and sniffing.
Be realistic: Accidents will happen, getting it right will take time, so be patient and always use positive reinforcement.

Once your dog is confident toileting on the Training Pads you can begin to advance them to toileting outdoors. Simply move the training pads closer to the door and eventually outside.