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Bunny Boarding North Shore

Enjoy peace of mind at our cozy, purpose-built wooden cottage, where your beloved bun or other small pets will find a safe, comfortable haven. Our air-conditioned, insulated cabin is monitored for security, ensuring a safe environment overseen by a professional with over seven years of experience in boarding, grooming, and bonding.We champion active play, offering supervised outdoor play areas for individual or bonded pairs' playtime, ensuring no mix with other boarders. It's our priority that your pet enjoys a playful, exercise-filled stay rather than a confined one.Join us for a personalized, caring experience designed to make our cabin your pet's preferred home away from home.

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The Bunny Sitter - South Auckland

Justine Somerville has operated The Bunny Sitter boarding facilities since 2014. With over fifteen years of experience with rabbits and other small animals she provides top level boarding care, in a home away from home, providing indoor and airconditioned facilities with outdoor options also available. Drop off your bunnies and walk away knowing your pets will be in safe hands.Offers nail clipping, grooming and scent gland cleaning and care advice. Also has timothy hay, pellets and treats for sale onsite. The Bunny Sitter is based in Manukau, Auckland, conveniently close to the airport. Justine also works as a Small Animal Attendant for the SPCA, owns; Lottie her Flemish Giant bunny, Dillon and Poncho the cats and two Orpington chooks Izzy & Peck.

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Hamilton - Coming Soon

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South Island

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Coming Soon

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