White Rocks Performace Layer Pellets 20kg


The ultimate all purpose layer pellet for your hard working chickens.  This complete feed is suitable to feed from onset of lay at approx 16 weeks right throughout their life.

This pellet has been carefully formulated and is high in protein, essential amino acids and calcium for good egg production and shell quality.
Fortified with vitamins, minerals and probiotics for excellent health from the inside out.

Feeding Recommendations
Introduce Performance Lay from approximately 1 week before the onset of lay, typically around 16 weeks of age. Allow ad-lib access to Performance Lay. Hens can be expected to consume around 125 – 130g (approximately one cup or a good handful) per hen per day. If birds are given access to feeds other than Performance Lay, provide ad-lib access to oyster shell grit to ensure good shell quality.

Always ensure birds have access to fresh, clean water

Protein         18%
Fat                   5.7%
Fibre              2.8%
Lysine           8.4g/kg
Calcium        3.95 %

Ingredients: Wheat, Soya Meal, Peas, Limestone, Soya Oil, Dicalcium Phosphate, Salt, Vitalay, Methionine DL, Salcurb, Kemzyme W, Lucantin.