Vet Remedies House Proud Training Aid

Type: Pet Training
House training a pet is very important to every owner for hygienic and aesthetic reasons. Training is best started as soon as the puppies or kittens start to leave the nest, but better late than never.

HOUSE PROUD is a training aid that contains special organic compounds that are undetectable to most humans but which can be picked up by the very sensitive noses of puppies and kittens. It works as an attractant and encourages them to use the area marked with HOUSE PROUD as a toileting area.

KITTENS - Put a few drops of HOUSE PROUD in a litter box near the nest.

PUPPIES - Put down some newspaper near the nest and mark it with a few drops of HOUSE PROUD, once good habits are established the newspaper can be moved outside and eventually dispensed with.

Reward good behaviour with a morsel of food, a pat or stroke and a friendly word. This is far more effective than punishing mistakes.