Cat Toy Cattraction with Silver Vine & Catnip Koi Dangler Assorted

Type: Cat Toy

•Cattraction with Silver Vine & Catnip Koi Dangler Cat Toy, Hartz Brand

Simply dangle the bait, and even the most inactive furry fisherman will be up on all paws ready to swat and stalk
• A vibrant, jingly plush koi fish (available in 2 colors) is attached to the end of a versatile wand that can be used to tease your cat for one-on-one play, or suctioned to most hard surfaces for solo fun
• The elastic string causes a fun and erratic bouncing motion that entertains and entices cats into pouncing on the bait
• Contains a natural, yet potent combination of silver vine and catnip attractants to grab and hold your cat’s attention for enhanced playtime
• Silver Vine is a vine that grows in the high mountainous regions of eastern Asia. It produces a natural and effective cat attractant, that stimulates livelier play in more cats when compared to catnip alone
• Exercise your cat's natural instincts to explore and thrive in the world around them with toys that stimulate all of their natural play needs