FIBRESAFE Supreme Complete Rabbit Pellets

Type: Rabbit Food

Introducing The First Premium Timothy Hay Pellet Exclusively Made in New Zealand by Whiterocks Feed.

Carefully formulated to meet maintenance needs.
100% NZ Grown and Manufactured.
Veterinary developed and recommended.
  • Large pallet for increased gnawing and dental health.
  • Probiotics For optimum Digestive Health
  • Timothy and Lucerne hay 
  • Natural Apple flavor your rabbits will love.
  • Grain Free, Soy Free, High in fibre


These tasty nutritious pellets contain Timothy hay and lots of it.

They have just the right amount of lucerne, peas, and flaxseed to give your bunny a balanced ratio of healthy fats and quality proteins. 

High-quality chelated minerals, vitamins, and amino acids have been added to supplement those found naturally in the Hay, Flax, and Peas to provide your bunny with a nutritionally balanced complete diet.