Crystal Cat Litter - Anti Bacterial 7L

Type: Cat Litter

Crystal cat litter with a fresh scent and anti-bacterial technology.

An antibacterial litter that will keep your cat happy and your litter box odourless.

The secret is in the crystals - each is made from Silica sand which is a clean and crisp type of litter box crystal. Infused with a fresh scent that smells a little like clean linen, you won't have any issues with smelly kitties! 

It eliminates any dust tracking so your house will remain clean and hygienic. 

Replace your regular cat litter with Trouble and Trix Odour Neutralising Crystals.

Find the right clumping litter, tofu litter or natural litter for your little one at Trouble and Trix.


  • Anti bacterial triple action formulaAnti bacterial triple action formula
  • Neutralises odoursNeutralises odours
  • Highly absorbent silica sand for easy cleaningHighly absorbent silica sand for easy cleaning