Selective Naturals Grain Free for Guinea Pigs 1.5KG


Selective Grain Free for Guinea Pigs respects the natural diet. Rich in high fibre Timothy Hay with garden vegetables and no corn or wheat. Selective Grain Free gently supports digestive wellbeing, flawless skin and a glossy coat to help keep pets as healthy on the outside as they are on the inside.

The Natural Choice for Healthy Guinea Pigs

• Grain free, respects a natural diet
• High in fibre, made with Timothy Hay
• No corn, no wheat, rich in natural ingredients
• No added sugars or artificial colours
• With linseed for healthy skin and shiny coat

Selective Naturals Grain Free is blended with temptingly tasty Timothy Hay to help promote the good health of guinea pigs. High in fibre and grain free, Selective respects the natural diet, with this delicious recipe that includes essential forage and garden vegetables.
Supports digestive wellbeing and has all the vitamins and minerals guinea pigs need to help keep them in the very best of health naturally. Kind to teeth with no added sugars or artificial colours, Selective Naturals Grain Free is blended with natural linseed, to help promote clear skin and a glossy coat.