Science Selective Senior 4+ Rabbit Food 2KG

Type: Rabbit Food

Specially Formulated for Older Rabbits

Science Selective 4+ for older rabbits is recommended by vets and provides a tasty balanced diet, formulated to support the specific needs of mature rabbits. Science Selective 4+ has high levels of fibre (22%), to aid gut motility and is also low in sugar and protein to help prevent obesity in less active, older rabbits. With no added sugars and high fibre, it also helps to support healthy teeth.

Science Selective 4+ includes timothy hay and thyme to help stimulate the older rabbit’s appetite, helping to avoid age-related reluctance to feed. Other antioxidant ingredients, as well as linseed and Vitamin C help to support the immune system and promote healthy skin and coat.

• High fibre – 22% – to help promote healthy teeth and tummies
• No added sugars to help prevent obesity in older rabbits
• Rich in natural ingredients with antioxidants
• Balanced nutrition with vitamins and minerals
• With extra Vitamin C to help support the immune system
• No artificial colours
• Highly palatable with Timothy Hay & extra herbs to help stimulate older rabbit’s appetites
• With linseed to help maintain healthy skin & coat
• Extruded nuggets that prevent selective feeding