Chicken with Peas & Broth Wet Cat Food

Type: Wet Cat Food

This wet cat food contains high protein real meat, ensuring that your cat’s natural need as an obligate carnivore is met. Chicken is an ingredient that cats naturally find tasty, plus the rich gravy enhanced with emu oil, pumpkin, coconut, blueberries, kelp, chondroitin and glucosamine contributes to a tasty, highly palatable wet food that your cat will love while fulfilling their specific nutritional needs.

This food also delivers the most important nutrient – water. Given that cats have a low thirst drive, wet cat foods assist in maintaining hydration, promoting urinary health and the everyday health of your cat.

This is complete and balanced nutrition, fulfilling all your cat’s needs as the only food you need to feed or to mix with Black Hawk dry cat food.
Suitable for adult cats, over 12 months of age.

Available in 85g pouches, individual or packs of 12